At Planet Business Center, we create spaces where you can be free without stop being productive.

We have design everything to create small work environments that makes concentration, interaction and team work easier.

Our plans are design to adjust your work habits and preferences, with the ideal workspace to develop your creativity, have business meetings, and create work-plans with professionalism and efficiency.


Offices for Lease

Conference Room

Virtual Offices


Print and Copy


Internet & Wi-Fi

Mail Box

Postal Services




Co-working Area: 8 day per month
Conference Room: 4 hrs. per month
Internet- Coffee / Snacks - Mail Box



Co-working Area: 4 days per month
Conferences Room: 2 hrs. per month
Internet - Coffee/Snacks - Mail Box

Planet Business Center

Why should I be a part of Planet Business Center?

  • You’ll have the opportunity to extend your address book,  with new clients, local and foreign providers, with the ease of having a meeting point near you thanks to our strategic location near the border.
  • As part of our services we have a postal office at your service so you can send or receive your packages or mail.
  • Networking: You will be able to interact and meet new people that have the same or similar interests.
  • You’ll have what you need to work, hold meetings or presentation.
  • We offer a friendly service, attending you labor needs.
Our Facilities


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